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Six-Wheel Neck Massager Roller

Six-Wheel Neck Massager Roller

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Say goodbye to muscle pain, stiffness and headaches!

Six-Wheel Neck Massager Roller is a unique handheld massager that gives you full control over the pressure to treat specific pain areas in the body. The versatile design allows you to choose how hard or how gently you want to massage the affected areas for quick pain relief. With our neck massager roll, you can enjoy a soothing deep tissue massage anywhere - at home, at work and even on long trips!


Benefits of Six-Wheel Neck Massager Roller:


✔ RELIEVE NECK, BACK & SHOULDER PAIN - The neck massager roll relieves pain by applying direct pressure and massaging your trigger points on your neck, back and shoulders. It massages, presses and kneads away all tension and pain.

✔ Improve sleep quality - Massage therapy - can reduce fatigue and improve sleep. You can push, squeeze and knead to release your tense, stiff and aching muscles.

✔ Gentle massage against headaches and migraines - The neck massager roll effectively helps to relieve headaches and migraines by gently massaging the temples at the speed you want.

✔ Promotes Blood Circulation - Massage promotes blood circulation because the pressure created by the massage technique moves blood through the congested areas. When this pressure decreases, new blood flows. This helps relieve sore muscles and reduce tension and fatigue.

✔ Personal massage intensity - The comfortable and ergonomic handles give you complete control of every aspect of your massage treatment for unparalleled results. Set the pace, direction and intensity. After only five minutes of treatment you will feel refreshed and relaxed.

✔ Convenient and Portable - With this massager, you can give yourself a powerful and deep massage at home, in the office, at school or on the go. 

  • Specifications:
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 35x18cm
  • Color: Blue, Pink
  • Package included: 1 x neck massager roll

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